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5 Tips for College Girl Dressing Styles

Oct 25,2021

A question, what would you, as a college girl want when it comes to your looks? Obviously, a cute and affordable outfit that attracts a ton of Instagram users? And yes, one that looks attractive on you too!

For every Greta Thunberg and school-skipping climate amendment activist, there is another member of Generation Z (college students or recent graduates) who buy inexpensive clothes using online media and save their pocket from excessive financial burden.

As you would know, the purchasing choices are mostly fueled by culture and furnished by new trends of ultra-fast-looks retailers, pretty little outfit to wear, or misguided costumes — are as much about how an outfit will look on social media as in the real world.

We dived into the research of what, how, and why many of you decide on certain items of clothing for college, and after detailed research, we have come up with the most demanding College Girl Dressing Styles that are being viral showcased every day on the Tiktok or made popular via Instagram.

So, without further ado, here are the ideal tips for you for design styles, the staples you are actually going to want to be wearing for your four years of college life, and surely, after graduation, too.

1. Fill Up Your Wardrobe With Neutral-Colored Items

Dressing for college isn't rocket science unlike your 8 am. Neutral-colored pieces are the secret to the classic college girl’s wardrobe. For one, neutral pieces go a long way.

You can wear neutral colors on your own or pair them with any number of funky or colorful accessories. Or you can mix-and-match pieces to create multiple outfits from a single item for unique looks.

Plus, neutral colors including nudes, beiges, taupe, whites, and blacks are super classy and give off all the “I’ve got my life together” vibes.

Here are a few hacks to rock on neutrals.

a. Rock on a white button-down top

We believe every girl should own a white button-down blouse, and so should you!

You can wear it with ankle jeans or can dress it up with a pencil skirt or just keep it casual with leggings.

You can belt it also at the waist or wear it open over a tee-shirt, too. A hot look, certainly!

b. Mashup the neutral color with some mix

Experience any neutral color with fun pieces like Palazzo pants. Palazzo pants combine fashion-forward style with mega comfort.

It is a total win when you are sleep-deprived, stressed out, or just need a little bit of oomph to get through your day. You won't regret it.

c. Go with something classy

Wear classy light colors for summer fashion. Light colors are often known for bonny looks.

A classy summer look that will never go out of style is beige shorts and a white V-neck blouse looks super stylish with some fun sandals as well as a hat. Accessorize with a matching bag and sunglasses. You can rock it any day of summer!

2. Level up your outfit instantly with little amendments

Picture this in your mind! Don't try to draw it :D. It would consume hours!

Say you are running out the door, ten minutes away from being totally late to class. You have thrown on a cute top and jeans and have your backpack in hand. You take a quick glance in the mirror and deflate.

Sure, this is hardly the priority at the moment but you look like you just rolled out of bed. Barrenness almost! What if today’s the day you met your prince charming?

You need to add some oomph to your outfit, something to take it to the next level.

a. Throw on a blazer

A simple blazer can do wonders for the most basic outfit. It’s a sort of a magic item, in our opinion.

Instantly, raid the nearest thrift stores, hit up your local mall, or start perusing some affordable clothing sites and invest in a neutral-colored blazer -black or something dark color is the best bet.

So girls, when next time you are in a pinch, you can throw on a blazer and spontaneously look like you invested just a little more time and thought into your outfit than you actually did.

b. When in doubt, go with minimalist-style outfits

If you are a cash-strapped college girl, investing a ton of money in trendy clothing pieces might not be an option.

Sure, you want to keep somewhat on top of the trends, but at the end of the day, trends come and go and you have bigger fish to fry.

So why not consider a minimalist-style wardrobe? Not only are capsule wardrobes super cost-effective, but they are also great when you are living in a dorm and have minimal space to work with.

c. Don’t be afraid to try out funky or edgy styles.

Do you have some totally funky accessories you have just been dying to try and wear out? Do you love meshing different types of styles and coming up with something totally unique and totally you?

Well, college years are a great time to explore your style and test the limits of what you think does or doesn’t work for you.

So go ahead and whip out that bright red mouth-shaped purse. Pair pearl drop earrings with a leather jacket. Style your beanie with a skater girl skirt. Get funky and try new things.

Most of all, have fun with it. Fashion is all about expression. And with a look like this, you will be knocking the ball out of the park.

3. Make Cute, comfortable walking shoes Your Best Friends

For sure, this isn’t the first time you have heard of the idea… is it?

Shoes are an integral part of your college looks because every head that turns in your direction will notice your shoe first.

It's a fact that your shoe defines you; you can even see it yourself!

Besides an attractive look and being an obviously cute girl, you shouldn't be an enemy to your feet, just because you want a casual look.

Remember, these bad boys have got to carry you from one side of campus to another without killing your feet.

Whether you walk in or out of campus, your comfortable gait is mandatory. So while choosing the shoes, consider the following point:

a. Make quality a priority

If you want these shoes to take you far, invest some of that precious hard-earned cash into a solid pair of quality shoes that are sure to last you a year or two.

Owning 25 pairs of shoes might not be in your best interest at this time of your life.

So we recommend getting a good neutral pair (consider white and black shades) that pairs well with most of your wardrobe, saving you time, space, and money in the long run.

b. Come up with some style

Steer past those beguiling $20 sneakers lining Walmart’s shelves.

As tempting as a cheap pair of those might be to a struggling college student, they are not the most stylish shoes and definitely not the highest in quality.

Invest in cute, quality footwear and work your outfits around them.

4. Break Gender Barriers Neutral Looks

Gender is so out of fashion. No one can judge you!

We live in the 21st century, everyone has the free will to dress up in their own way. You do the same girl!

a. Neutral Look is the future for retailers

Today, around 40 percent of college students are embracing freedom in fashion - meaning that they are wearing outfits in different ways i.e. suits for girls and skirts for boys.

To be honest, many fashionistas are being inspired by them and have been adopting these trends since 2019.  

b. Say No to Traditional Outfit Opinions

Avoid the saying - pink for girls, blue for boys

Today, gen z is looking for options to try rainbow palettes. They have only a few impositions and more choices. Mixing up delicate florals with an oversized jacket and unisex garment is all they consider a priority.

There isn’t much rocket science behind this. Just pick up what you like and wearing something that makes sense does the trick. For you, we must say, avoid judgments.

Who knows? What the future will hold? Skirts, florals, and suits will look stylish for any gender, we predict.

5. Finally, explore some ideas on social media

Athleisure's popularity may be indorsed to social media - fitness gurus are all over Instagram and Facebook! Their shared media are the epitome of stylish living, and you have probably bumped into them once or twice a day.

With this online media, it is no surprise that Generation Z – the college gals - have caught on the trend. We know that you love it because you find it most suitable for your fast-paced lifestyle.

Final Words

Modern college students tend to get dressed very well, just like any other teenager in the world.

You are keen on looking trendy and stylish and you should be. Those times have passed when a student would put on a hoodie and jeans and run to the college, not any more…

Nowadays, students spend much more time choosing an outfit for college than before. The fashion industry, of course, has a lot of options to offer to the constantly growing demand of the young generation. So what’s going to be your pick for the day?

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