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5 Ways People Show They Like You

Oct 25,2021

You know people. You probably like them, too. At least a few. Which makes sense, because humans are on this planet to connect with each other. It’s what we do! We’re such social creatures, longing to be close, to interact in a meaningful way, and to find safety in one another.

Or something gross like that.

We’re all just walking around this planet wishing we could rub our lips on another person’s lips and eat some pizza together afterward. We’re all on the same vibe. So why, oh why do we have to make things so complex?

Psst: it’s our natural-born fear of rejection. You want to know they like you back before you take a leap.

It’s a normal fear. Being vulnerable is hard! We want to be liked. We want to be appreciated for who we are and how we act. We want to know that being ourselves around another person isn’t just okay - it’s what they want to see.

Though we’re all beefing with a fear of rejection, some struggle with it more than others. The nerves. The sweat. And the scariest part: the possibilities of what could be.

Everything would be way more chill if people were just straightforward and honest about their feelings, right? If everyone would live their lives handing out “Hey! I like you”, or “Hey! Thanks, but no thanks”. But since they don’t, we try our best to read people. We size up their facial expressions, their body language, and read between the lines of every text. We just want to know what it looks like when someone likes us.

If only there were a manual for stuff like this. Or at least a listicle blog post to shed some light on the mystery….oh wait! Here we are. Check it out, besties.  

1. They make eye contact with you.

Newsflash! We love to look at things we like. It brings us joy. And when that thing we like is another human, eye contact is especially powerful. When our eyes lock, we connect in a different way, on a whole ‘nother level.

Some have even said, “eyes are the window to the soul”. It’s corny. But it’s kind of true.

Eye contact allows us to say a lot without saying a word. Emotions. Energy. Intentions. All in a non-verbal way. It’s a powerful way means of communication in almost any scenario.

Hint: if someone is seeking to get closer with you, and to communicate with you more deeply, that’s a good thing. And if you struggle with maintaining eye contact, you might be missing out on precious intel about how those around feel about you - and might send mixed signals about how you feel towards them.

The moral of the story? Don’t wuss away from eye contact!

2. They’re curious about you.

We’re naturally inquisitive little buggers. We love collecting information. We love learning. We love fleshing out a person, a concept, until we feel connected and intimate with them.

If your person asks questions about you, there’s a good chance they like you. The more random, the better. They might be too shy to ask you to hang, but if you get a Sunday afternoon text that’s something like “would you rather fight a bear or a gang of two-year-olds”, you’ve got the green light to move forward. They want to know more about you.

3. They joke with you.

Laughter is a universal language! We all love to laugh, to experience joy, and to spread that joy to others. Part of getting to know someone better is nailing down exactly what their sense of humor is like and what really tickles them.

Everyone’s sense of humor is different, but humor is a great way to start building connection. And that comes with time, effort, and trial-and-error. When we joke with new people, we’re trying to find where that line is - while also learning about their outlook on the world. Call it comedic curiousness.

When someone starts joking with you more, there’s a good chance they at least want you to dig them - probably because they dig you. So feel free to crack a couple jokes back. Laughter is the best medicine.

4. Little gestures.

Ever heard that “you tired from running through my mind all night?” joke? It’s a classic for a reason.

When someone likes you, they think about you - while doing mundane things, like washing the dishes or running errands. And usually, when you think of someone, that shows up in your actions.

Sometimes, it’s a simple “saw this and thought of you!” text. Or sending a selfie while out with other people, to include you even when you’re not there. It’s asking about something you mentioned before, like a project you’re working on or a big presentation at work that you were dreading.

Little gestures are often gifts, too - and who doesn’t like a little present. Getting you a souvenir while they’re on a trip, bringing you food or little treats when they see you. Buying you something you’ve been wanting to treat yourself to, but haven’t been prepared to splurge on. All ways to let you know that you’re on their mind and they care.

5. Copying you.

The technical term is “mirroring”, but that sounds way too sterile and stuffy. Copying sounds way more fun. Plus, copying is the highest form of flattery, right?

Someone who likes you will instinctively copy your mannerisms and phrases. Not obviously, but keep an eye out. If there’s a word you use often, they’ll probably let it slip in conversation. If you’re sitting with your hands on the table, they might end up in that same position. If you shift sideways, they’ll shift sideways.

They’re subconsciously doing what you do in an effort to feel similar, build connection, and create a bond. And if you’re feeling it, let them go ahead and copy you. Go ahead and copy them back.

Using what you’ve learned, go forth, young grasshopper, and make some connections. You’re a body language master. If (when?) those fear-of-rejection-jitters grab hold of you, tap into what the other person is silently communicating to you. There’s a ton of information sitting in front of you, just waiting for you to use it.

Most of all, don’t let fear of rejection hold you back. If you’re feeling someone, don’t be afraid to break the mold and just - gasp - tell them! Honesty is hot, refreshing, and way cooler than cool.  Ice cold, even.

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