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What can Females Wear On Graduation Day?

Oct 07,2021

No one is kidding when they say that the future is female because it genuinely is. Women, better off called queens, all around the world have increasingly jumped on the bandwagon of graduating with prestigious degrees, sometimes more than once. Their hard work and dedication is an adorable and commendable state of affairs.

Graduation days are perhaps the most favorite day of all the university-going people as it brings with itself a mix of bittersweet emotions. While you are glad to have graduated with a degree and can actually start adulting, the anxiety of newly stepping in your career and the sad emotions of leaving a friendly environment and loads of memories behind lingers over you.

However, we believe that graduation should be the day when you put all your fears aside, hold your head up high, and walk up to the stage, all decked up, to receive the degree that you burnt the midnight oil for all these years. Nothing should stop you from feeling like an absolute winner on graduation day and for that.

However, one question that springs up like every time and even more on special events is what to wear. Do you choose something from the pile ready to burst out on you as soon as you open your wardrobe, or do you go shopping as you truly deserve to celebrate this day? Well, this depends upon what you decide to wear on your graduation day as there are myriads of clothing options and combinations.

In the following words, we tell you the few best combinations you can wear to rock your graduation and be admired for apart from your appreciable degree.

What are my options to wear on graduation day?

Since the graduation day involves a huge crowd of parents and children all sitting and waiting for their turn to shine, it’s a day to go full throttle on dressing up.

However, dressing up on graduation largely depends upon the color of your graduation gown, as that overshadows your entire outfit anyways. Hence, you need to wear something that stands out accordingly even after you wear the gown.

Most of the time, graduation gowns are black or dark blue, and lovers of dark color make the mistake of adorning an outfit in a dark color as well. While we understand your obsession with black and other dark colors, it is not a suitable option to wear if your graduation gown is dark as well.

Hence, light and bright colors for the win. Now this gives you an advantage of going bonkers with experimentation. While only some certain things may contrast and make a good combo with black and other dark colors, several outfit combinations can be made from light and bright colors as they mix and match easily and well.

What about sequined versus plain? Sequined dresses are a great party option, and we see why, for some people, it can pass for a great outfit option to adorn on graduation. However, in our opinion, sequined, shimmery, and glittery outfits should be avoided. This is because celebrating days of academia comes off as too much and can often be a painful hassle while adorned.

It’s better to for plain outfits that make you feel comfortable at all times. The only nervousness you get is from going on the stage to get that degree and not from thinking if you look good enough or not.

With the colors aside, let’s discuss some of your real styling options.

1. Maxi Dresses – an absolute stunner:

We bet all our female readers had this coming as maxis and midi dresses are the most popular choice of the type of outfit worn on graduation.

You can never go wrong with an adorable maxi or midi dress, paired up with a good pair of heels and minimalistic jewelry. Maxi dresses come in various types and designs. You would want to go for the one that’s monotonous yet stylish.

Don’t go for long-tail dresses or gowns as they make it difficult for you to walk, and there is a danger that you might trip on the hem, and no one, of course, would want that on graduation.

2. Shoes or heels?

This is a debate of the centuries as women find it hard to decide on the type of footwear. While wearing shoes is a more comfortable option, it’s a more casual one as well. You will look like a cool cat with an awesome pair of shoes on.

However, we believe that since the event is formal and graduating in a classy honor, heels are a better fit for this. Go for a good, sophisticated pair of heels that contrast nicely with your dress, and you are good to go. Heels have a way of radiating confidence to the wearer, and that’s precisely why you should be nailing your graduation with a banging pair of heels.

3. How to accessorize to make the cut?

Once again, since most of your dress would be covered by the graduation gown that goes up all the way to your neckline, you should be wearing jewelry on more visible body parts so that they can be seen. Go for a dangling pair of earrings, a classy watch on one wrist, and a beautiful bracelet on the other hand. You can also opt to wear a belt matching the size of your shoes.

One piece of accessory that comes in handy on such occasions is a brooch. You can wear a brooch even on top of your graduation gown and stand out as brooches visibly look stunning and give off a very stylish vibe.

And there you go. Styling options with the variety of clothes available out there are as endless s they could be, with people’s imagination knowing no bounds. However, with keeping the type of event in mind, understanding the color palette, and dressing through mix and match accordingly, you can make the best outfit choices for days as special as graduation.

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