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How To Choose Yoga Style?

Sep 22,2021

In our lives, we have become so busy that we have lost contact with nature and fitness. This, however, can be regained with the help of different yoga styles and by picking the best type of yoga as per our needs. Now here comes the main question- how to choose yoga style?

Yoga unionizes the mind & body and gets us back to reality. The reality, as we all know now, is our contact with nature. By adopting the best type of yoga, we can get back in touch with the basics, too, like proper sleep, complete digestion, and a calm mind.

Let us first understand the different yoga styles.

What Are Seven Different Types of Yoga Practices

1. Raja Yoga

Also known as Royal Yoga, Raja Yoga involves meditation without the need for extensive rituals or conditions. The useful practice of it can help you to attain emotional balance along with boosting your intellectual powers.

It is also known to improve one’s awareness about themselves and their body.

2. Karma Yoga

As the name suggests, Karma Yoga encourages people to perform good deeds in their life with an instruction to not expect anything in return. This develops and improves the sense of humility in a person.

3. Jnana Yoga

Curiosity remains the center of this yoga practice. Everyone is encouraged to ask questions mostly about themselves. These questions may be like, “What is my purpose in life?” or, “Am I connected to every human who is alive?”. Seeking answers to such questions boosts your wisdom and knowledge.

4. Bhakti Yoga

Bhakti Yoga is the most misunderstood Yoga style out of all different Yoga styles as it is considered to be on religious grounds. In reality, it refers to devoting yourself to an idol of your life which can be anyone. The Yoga style applies to every human universally, irrespective of their religion.

5. Mantra Yoga

If you seek to improve your concentration, then Mantra Yoga is the yoga style that you should go for. It relates to sounds of the universe and appropriately chanting them.

6. Tantra Yoga

By synchronizing your energies, you attain the perfect union of two different energies: feminine and masculine. Tantra Yoga brings a perfect balance to all the energies in your body and hence, boosts your emotional balance.

7. Hatha Yoga

This basic yoga style is recommended for everyone who either is beginning their yoga sessions or has mastered yoga. It is known to consist of different body postures and strives for a balance in the body both physically & mentally.

Which Yoga Style Is Best For Beginners?

Out of all the above-mentioned seven different types of Yoga practices, the best type of Yoga for beginners is undoubtedly Hatha Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is considered to be the most suitable Yoga practice out of all the different types of Yoga practices as the pace maintained throughout the session is slow. This helps everyone to cope and gives appropriate time to get adjusted to the environment of Yoga.

Hatha Yoga further has three sub-categories which can be discussed below:

1. Iyengar

This category consists of various props and their usage. The props may include a cushion or a block.

2. Bikram

Your body contains many toxins that must be taken out of the system. For this purpose, the Yoga session is conducted in a closed hot room.

3. Kundalini

With Kundalini, your body attains a perfect balance of breath and energy. This combination is attained by body movements.

In addition to the three sub-categories mentioned above, Vinyasa and Asthanga are two more subcategories of Hatha Yoga dealing with the seamless flow of asana and postures, respectively.

What Yoga Should I Do?

We have already taken a look at what kind of yoga is the best for a beginner. So, here is a comprehensive guide to the best poses for everyone out there.

Vinyasa, a flow yoga, gets its name because of the fluid transitions between the poses your body does. All the movements are synchronized with the breath you take in and out. The variety and movement is what makes Vinyasa a plausible form of yoga for all fitness enthusiasts. If you want to sweat out and flush out your toxins, then this is a form of yoga for you!

If you are one of those people looking forward to building stamina, then go for Hot Yoga, Bikram. Bikram is done in hot areas like sauna rooms at around 40.6 degrees Celsius and you need to have around 40% humidity in the room. So, why is this form of yoga important? Well, this style of yoga helps you to flush out toxins in the form of perspiration.

Yin is a meditative form of yoga that is a blend of Taoist traditions and these poses focus on connective tissues such as the hips, lower spine, and other regions. What makes Yin one of the most sought-after yoga styles is its eclectic fusion of poses that are beneficial for fitness buffs as well as for people who are looking to calm their minds and achieve a serene state.

If you are looking forward to an intense workout session then Jock is the right companion for you. It is for all those athletes and yoga skeptics who wish to amp up their strength while sweating it all out!

Final Words

It is recommended to try sessions with different yoga masters and continue with the one who best suits you. Every yoga master teaches differently by focusing on different areas of your body and personality. You must remember to give them appropriate time to understand your needs too.

To perform the best type of yoga, consider some basic factors that might affect you, like your age & general fitness. It is always advisable to practice the different types of yoga under the expert supervision of a yoga master.

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