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The Ideal Men’s Summer Style Guide

Sep 22,2021

The graduation day comes with an amalgamation of different sentiments. A part of you is sad because you will miss these years of fun learning, whereas you feel happy to have finally reached a milestone. Yet, amidst all this frenzy of emotions, buds a sense of excitement because you would eventually be going out there to prove your worth.

While such recurring thoughts already occupy you, your mind must have lingered on a fundamental question. “What to wear on graduation day?” Don’t worry. We will take care of that, and you sort the rest.

If you think your graduation day outfit does not matter, take a second and imagine ten years in the future. You find an old memory card with all your pictures on it. Suddenly the graduation day picture appears, and you go, “Holy Crap! I wish I had dressed better.” Not the best of feelings, right?

Most men think dressing up is for women, but graduation is necessary for all, irrespective of gender. You all worked hard to be there and should make the most out of it. This is the day everyone’s going to be clicking pictures.  You would be meeting many of your friend’s family members for the first time and most of your classmates and professors for the last time, and so making an impression is essential. Think about it this way. This might even be your last chance to impress that girl you have been crushing over for a long, so save yourself the embarrassment and keep reading to know what would be the best fit for your big day.

How to Dress for the Graduation Day:

First thing first. You know graduation days have a dress code. As much as you want your graduation day to be all about you, keep in mind that it is a collective celebration. So you need something that adds to your personality but blends you in with the crowd. You must already have started having ideas.

We have the basics sorted, so let’s move on. You could have spent your college years wearing comfy sweatpants and oversized T-shirts, but a graduation is a formal event. You have to show up in a suit. The highlight of the day will be your graduation gown, which would cover up most of your outfit, but you can still make the best out of what shows.

Graduation day gowns are primarily black or dark-colored. Wearing a similar colored suit would camouflage and not make a statement. So say bye to your black suites. You better keep them for a wedding or a funeral. Graduation day allows you to experiment with your colors. Choose a suit that contrasts nicely with your gown and gives you a formal yet stylish look. Going for funky, bright-colored suites is a big NO. Reserve them for parties.

Now that you know what not to wear let’s focus on what you should wear. We have listed a few suggestions:

1. Blue and Grey for the Win:

Since blacks and bright are already out of the league, you should go with blues and greys. They never fail to impress, and cherry on top, they go well with the graduation gowns. You can opt for a chequered suit for a bit of an accent. If you plan to drop the jacket because it doesn’t show under the gown, you better think again. The jacket would make your shoulders look broader under the loose dress. It gives a bold, upright look in the pictures.

Lastly, wear a white collared shirt underneath. Only the collar is going to show, so you need something that strikes against the black. What better option than white? If you want to go for an alternative, choose pale blue or light pink. They would add a bit of color. Make sure the suit fits well. You better get it tailor-made. If you are opting for a ready-made suit, get the alterations done to look your best.

2. Match the Shoes to the Belt:

This is one of the fashion rules of the corporate world. You need to match the color of your belt to the color of your shoes. Since we are cutting down on black, wearing a nice pair of brown leather shoes would give the perfect graduation day look. Brown would complement the grey/blue tone of your jacket.  Combine it with a matching belt, and you are good to go.

3. Accessorize to Make a Statement:

First of all, don’t forget to wear a wristwatch. It makes the perfect statement. Minimal yet classy. Second of all, you should be wearing a bright-colored tie that stands against your gown. You can choose to wear a tie that has your college’s colors in it to add a personal touch. Finally, make sure the knot is perfect. The tie is going to show against the gown. If it is loose or sloppy, it will leave a wrong impression. Try to make it as symmetrical as possible. In the end, avoiding funky rings and bracelets would be good. They add to your personalization, but they would break the formal code. It is best to stick to what has been directed.  


Here you go. Now that you have the dress guide, what do you plan on doing? Are you going to rummage in your closet to put the perfect pieces together? Or will you rush to the mall to get your desired outfit? Whatever you choose to do, remember no black, nothing funky, bright tie, perfect fitting, a statement wristwatch, and shoes matching the belt. Lastly, remember the quote, “You can have anything in life if you dress for it.” Happy graduation!

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