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Do You Have The Guts For These Aquarius Horoscope Characteristics Female Traits?

Sep 14,2021

Almost every guy loved Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) for her funny, witty, and spoiled waitress performance on Friends. Being an Aquarius in real life, she portrayed honesty, open-mindedness, passion, and charm, which can stir up feelings of intense desire and love in a guy.

Are you curious if your new crush, who’s an Aquarius, can live up to such? Or are you wondering what she’s likely to be? This article will discuss the Aquarius horoscope characteristics female traits worth watching for in your pursuit of romance.

The Aquarius Woman Personality

Generally, the Aquarius zodiac sign is known to follow their own path, not conforming to standards, even though they recognize and appreciate the rules of nature. With an Aquarius woman, her personality dictates her to be a free element, not confined within a box.

Aquarius women are driven by the adherence to social justice, fairness, and change. They desire deeply to contribute to cultural shifts and equality. Expect her to show up at a rally, organize meetings, sign petitions and educate the masses because she values change and progress in humanity.

Her nature revolves around caring immensely for what she sees as worthy. However, she’ll not readily take action due to her detached nature, only until she gets firsthand experience on what needs to be acted upon.

Despite appearing as a caring person concerned about changing the world, she can run short of empathy. She won’t portray patience or good listening traits. If you suddenly need to ease the burden on your heart, she’s not the type to call in the middle of the night. On most occasions, she’ll be discomforted by the display of deep emotions and may confuse vulnerabilities as weakness.

How do I establish ground with an Aquarius woman?

First, the Aquarius traits women display are often intellectual in every capacity. She’ll quickly build a friendship with people based on topics to do with intelligence because she’s a sharp character. Conversations or debates about religion and politics enchant her a lot. They’ll tend to talk to literally anyone about anything and will have so many friends from different social groups.

The easiest approach of grabbing her attention is focusing on their Aquarius woman personality of intelligence. Invoke conversations around hearty topics, especially those revolving around humanity and change.

How’s the Romance Meter of an Aquarius woman?

The parameters defining the romantic life of an Aquarius woman tend to be on the lower end. They won’t focus much on sex, compassion, love, and public display of affection or such. As far as romance is concerned, the character of Aquarius woman often involves cold glamour, radiating from far like a star.

She could be next to you, but her soul could be thousands of miles away. Establishing intimate affection with an Aquarius woman can seem challenging at first since they are mostly detached on matters of the heart. That doesn’t mean they’re not capable of being warm, engaging lovers – they are, more than often. It’s only that they’re often caught up with plans for future, rather than focusing on their present relationship.

Final Thoughts

Aquarius horoscope characteriscts female traits dictates the women born of the water bearer sign to be somewhat independent and dynamic. It’s very essential to keep communication flowing and ensure to be on the same page with them everytime.

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Learn the crucial Aquarius horoscope characteristics female traits you need to master to win the heart of your water bearer crush. Know why she's smart and how adapt to it.

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