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How to dress up as Hermione from Harry Potter?

Aug 31,2021

How to dress up as Hermione from Harry Potter?

Harry Potter has been the world of our dreams since childhood. We believe that people can actually be judged if they say they are unfamiliar with Harry Potter and the wizarding world. Harry, Hermione, and Ron have always been the center of our attention, with a range of other characters casting the most amazing spells and leaving the viewers spellbound.

However, Hermione has always been the first girl crush that boys and even most girls would have for the sake of her class, intelligence, girl-power, and of course, the dressing sense. So it wouldn’t come as a surprise that Hermione became one of the most copied characters for her style, and girls would go out of the way to be like her during the old Harry Potter days. And we bet the younger generation would go that way too, as soon as the wizarding world gets hold of them and stun them like no other.

Keeping in view that how much the younger generation was mesmerized by the character of Hermione and the real Emma Watson as well, and the fact that girls would often go out of the way to achieve that class and confidence, we have crafted a list of costumes and ways, that girls may dress-up as to look like Hermione from Harry Potter.

Hermione prefers to keep her style simple yet classy; one doesn’t have to do expensive shopping or try to get their hands on rare outfit pieces to look good. All you have to do is search out your wardrobe for some outclass pieces or go regular shopping for the ones you lack, and Voila! You would be able to dress up just like Hermione Granger from Harry Potter.

Dresses like Hermione:

Hermione has been an eye-candy in those beautiful gown dresses of hers, from the pink prom dress that made Hermione stand out from the rest to the white gown that she adorned at Billy’s wedding.

We bet that every wardrobe would have at least one dress that’s monotonous yet classy like no other. All you have to do is adorn that dress without excessive accessorizing and wearing matching heels to go with it.

If you have a golden yellow dress, get ready to resemble Hermione completely. But if you got some other colored dress, then you can pair them up with the same colored pointed-toe heels, tie your hair up in a bun or style them in a unique ponytail, or just let them down half-tied. Accessorize with contrasting earrings, a watch, and a minimal necklace, and you are ready to slay the classy look of Hermione.

Dressing casual like Hermione:

On days when Hermione didn’t have classes, or the gang of three was just chilling and exploring around, Hermione’s casual dressing sense was always something to look at and get inspired from as it looked chic yet comfy.

Hermione has always been more of a sweater and bell-bottom trouser kind of character. Whether it’s in front of the chimney place in the dorms or inside Hagrid’s hut, Hermione would always be seen in a casual sweater or top with bell-bottom jeans and her golden locks falling on her shoulder.

Girls can take inspiration from this and dress up casually to look like Hermione by fishing out their most favorite sweater from the wardrobe but make sure it’s not very monotonous and plain as the sweaters that Hermione used to adorn were always patterned and colorful. Pair it up with some bell-bottom trousers. Open your hair and brush through them lightly to give a messed-up look. Wear your comfy slippers, and you are all decked up like the casual Hermione to welcome guests or just laze around, looking incredibly chic yet feeling very comfortable.

Dinner party dress-up as Hermione!

How can we forget the cute moment when professor Slug Horn invited his very talented Hermione, Harry, and a few other members of the Slug Club, including McLaggen, who had a deep crush on Hermione, to a dinner party where Hermione was a head-turner with her outfit and attitude as McLaggen couldn’t stop drooling over her?

You, too, can crash dinner parties like this with minimal effort. Formal dinner parties with family or colleagues can be a tricky situation as you need to dress up semi-formal, and people struggle to find the sweet spot between their formal and informal outfits. However, Hermione showed us the way.

Keep your clothing simple yet stylish and accessorize moderately for the win. Hermione showed up in a cute white top with contrasting pants, half-tied hair, cute minimalistic earrings, and a watch. She slew the dinner with her look, and other guests couldn’t get their eyes off her.

What to avoid to dress-up like Hermione:

While Hermione Granger was always known for her class and style, we never once saw her wearing something very shimmery or glittery. Neither do we ever see her heavily accessorized? It’s not because she is pretty and would pull off any look anyways but because those things reduce the classy factor of your personality.

The only blinding light on you should be your smile and confidence and not the sequenced dress that makes others narrow their eyes. Accessorizing minimally also makes you look professional and gives a classy vibe. However, if you go for a bunch of jewelry covering your body, it looks like a hasty decision, and jewelry not coinciding with your dress lowers the overall appeal factor.


Hermione Granger’s intelligence and classy style stood out for many. Girls went gaga over her character in all supremacy and for all the right reasons. However, Hermione’s dressing sense teaches us that you can stand out and look intelligently beautiful even in the simplest of dresses, only if you remember to shine out and stand confident with your personality.

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