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First Date Ideas for College Students to Impress Your Crush

Aug 31,2021

First Date Ideas for College Students to Impress Your Crush

Are you planning your upcoming first date? Then first of all good luck! You may be nervous about your date. After all, you don’t want your crush to feel awkward or bored. So, you should explore first date ideas for college students to plan a memorable evening.

Hey, you don’t need to pull off something extravagant. Remember that you can enjoy college dating without breaking the bank. All you need to do is to arrange activities that you and your date enjoy. It’s a great way to develop understanding.

So, here are a few college date ideas that can book you a second date:

Top First Date Ideas for College Students

Visit an Ice Cream Store

You can meet your future spouse through online dating apps. But it’s not always the case. It’s never a good idea to meet someone in a secluded space if you don’t know them well. This is why an ice cream shop is the perfect dating spot.

It’s one of the best first date ideas for college students. You’d feel safe in a public setting and can spend quality time. Moreover, you can learn about their taste and habits.

But not everyone enjoys having ice creams in cold winter. You can instead go to a coffee shop too, though it’s not as fun!

Arrange a Game Night

Hey introverts, we know small talk isn’t your cup of tea. You may feel awkward on your first date. Then why don’t you invite over your close friends for a game night? But make sure your date knows your plans beforehand.

During college life, you may seek the opinion of your friends before making a big decision. Similarly, you may want their approval when it comes to college dating. So, you can introduce your date to your friends by arranging a fun game night. It’s a surefire way to break the ice. This is why we’ve listed it as one of the best college date ideas.

Plan a National Park Picnic

Are you an outdoorsy person and love the outdoors? Then you may want to invite your date to an outdoor adventure. You can take a walk along nearby trails and enjoy each other’s company. Also, don’t forget to pack snacks and water bottles.

College students are often short on cash. So, an outdoor picnic in a National Park is among the finest first date ideas for college students. This cost-effective date idea can save you from financial trouble. And you can enjoy your first date without going over budget.

Cook at Home

Some friendships turn into romance. You and your best friend can get lucky and fall for each other. This is the perfect opportunity to plan a casual date. The best thing is you won’t get bored.

As per our college date ideas, we’d suggest you try cooking a unique dish. You can look for Continental, Chinese, or other recipes online. Don’t forget to play light music in the background to make your first date more fun.

Another idea for college dating is to go grocery shopping on your first date. You can buy items you need for cooking a meal at home. And shopping won’t be boring in their company.

Watch Sports

Are you and your partner true sports enthusiasts? Then nothing can be more fun than watching a game.

It’s among the best first date ideas for college students to get tickets for your favorite game. You can cheer for your team. And your dating life won’t be boring as you would have plenty to talk about.

It’s also fine if you can’t get tickets to a game. Or they are too expensive for you. You can always watch sports on TV and invite over your crush for a date. But make sure you get soft drinks and snacks to munch on.

Escape Room

Escape rooms are among the best college date ideas. Do you know why? It’s because they are challenging yet fun. You can partner with your date to solve puzzles and escape the room.

You may need a small group of people to take part in this activity. So, it’s a great idea to invite your friends to join you. Your date may already have met your friends on the college campus. But your first date won’t be awkward even if they haven’t met before. You can bond by trying to escape the room.

What Not to Do on a First Date

You should look for different first date ideas for college students to plan a perfect date. But it’s more important to determine what not to do on a first date. Otherwise, you may end up ruining your first day as a couple.

The first date is a way to know your partner. So, you should talk about yourself. But make sure you don’t talk too much. After all, your significant other has a lot to add as well. And don’t irritate your partner with talks about your former partners or crushes. Trust me, jealousy is real!

Being well-dressed on your first date makes a great impression. So, don’t be overdressed or undressed for the event. Moreover, be respectful of your date. Don’t be handsy with them and remember your boundaries.

You can get a second date only if your significant other enjoys your company. So, make them feel valued. Don’t keep glancing at your phone or watch. Or else they’d feel unwelcomed.


Planning first dates can be nerve-wracking for some. But you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to plan a perfect date. You can choose from cheap first date ideas for college students. But make sure you put in the effort to make your partner feel valued. You can still enjoy their company and make the date worth remembering.

Also, it’s important to remember what not to do on a first date. So, you don’t end up ruining a relationship before it even starts.

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