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Which zodiac sign has the Deepest Feelings?

Aug 19,2021

While the signs are each inclined to experience emotion in their own unique ways, Scorpios are known almost universally for their intensity and passion.

Ruled by Pluto, Scorpio governs reproduction, vitality, death, change, and dominance. Consider the power derived from parting a molecule to addressing the nature of the universe, and you will understand the powerful mentality Scorpios tend to have. Scorpio is driven to forge their desire into their realities. Therefore, they aren't very tolerant of shortcomings in themselves or others.

At first glance, Scorpio may seem to be private to the point of secrecy. This distance, however, is fueled by their desire to keep their emotions to themselves out of fear they will be improperly articulated. This sign would rather keep quiet and keep their true ideas or opinions to themselves instead of diluting them to suit others. If a Scorpio does choose to reveal a personal thought or secret, it would be best to keep it to yourself. If not, such an act would not be forgiven.

Other than Scorpio, which zodiac sign has the deepest feelings?


Ironically enough, Geminis tend to be quite talkative and opinionated. They are often content to share their personal events to others, however, they will generally not tell many people how those events made them feel. If these twins are angry with someone, they will hide it well, yet will still hold a deep grudge. If they have strong feelings for you, they will play it off as nothing more than a small crush due to fear of being vulnerable.


Cancers are highly sensitive, tending to process the feelings of both themselves and others on an extremely comprehensive level. They have an intuitive knowledge and empathy of others, often worrying about how others may react to them.


The reason Libras often mask their feelings is out of desire not to burden others with their thoughts. How very sweet. On the surface, the libra may seem composed, even stoic. Under this façade, however, lies a hurricane of emotions. They may feel deep emotions for you, but you may not find this out until long after.


Capricorns tend to think that letting feelings determine their actions is childish. Instead, they prefer to analyze their emotions, and project the ones they find suitable and/or important. You may find yourself feeling lost with them at times, but if you stay with them for awhile, they will show you the way.


Despite often seeming outgoing and sociable, the true emotions of Aquarius are seldom revealed to most people. They generally prefer to express them to a select amount of people they can trust. Their exterior may lead others to believe that they are easy to get emotionally close to, but it may take longer for them to truly make themselves vulnerable without fear of judgement.

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