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4 Work Out Questions About Weight Loss Plateau Everyone Asks

Aug 13,2021

Experts say that you should change your workout routine every 3 to 4 weeks to avoid the weight loss plateau from happening. Learn more about how to lose weight faster.

Once you've started to settle into a daily routine, it's time to congratulate yourself. You're one step nearer to having your body goals! However, you can still optimize your workout routine in order to yield maximum results in a shorter period of time.

1. What Happens When You Do The Same Workout Everyday?

If you've been working out for quite some time and see the scales go down, you get a sense of accomplishment. There is a rapid rate at which your weight drops. However, as you stick to your routine, you find that doing the same routine every day doesn't pay off as much anymore.

This is referred to as the weight loss plateau. Your body has adapted to the routine. What exactly causes the weight loss plateau? Well, when you lose weight, your metabolism also changes. To understand better, you need to know what happens when you start working out.

  • During the first few weeks of working out, your body gets its energy by releasing the glycogen it stored. Glycogen is mostly water, so this is often called "water weight loss." This causes rapid weight loss in the beginning.
  • When all the stored glycogen is burned for energy, your body will start burning fats. However, along with it, you'll also lose a bit of muscle.
  • When you lose muscles, your metabolism slows down. This is because your muscle also burns calories even at rest, which keeps your metabolism up.

If you do not change anything in your routine when this happens, you'll eventually hit the weight loss plateau.

2. Can I Do The Same Workout Every Day To Lose Weight?

Doing the same workout every day does have its benefits. For one, beginners feel more at ease doing something familiar and help in sticking to a routine. You can also master some workout forms. However, if your desire is to lose weight, doing the same workout routine might not be optimal.

As mentioned before, you can hit the dreaded weight loss plateau. This makes you lose less and less weight since your body has adapted to the routine. So, it's always advisable to change up your workout routine and diet when you have been exercising for a while.

Aside from that, it's really not advisable to stick to one routine for a long period of time. Athletes and bodybuilders also change their workout routines every day. That's why you'll probably hear the phrase, "never miss leg day," often thrown around in these circles.

When you change up your routine once in a while, you get the benefit of avoiding the weight loss plateau while also balancing your muscle growth throughout your body.

3. How Often Should You Change Your Workout Routine To Lose Weight?

Now that you understand the need to change your routine, the next question is, how often should you change your workout routine? The general rule of thumb is around three to four weeks, but it still depends on a lot of factors.

The idea is to build more muscles to keep your metabolism up. When your body is used to a certain exercise, you are using the same muscle groups. When your body is used to a certain set of exercises, you will notice that your metabolism slows down. It would be best if you changed your workout routine around this time,

However, some parts of your workout routine should stay longer. For example, planking is one of the most popular exercises that people take more than a month to master. However, you should still change other elements in your workout routine to avoid the weight loss plateau.

Your expertise level and the difficulty of the exercise you are doing all contribute to how often you should change your routine. Having a coach to guide you through the process is preferable. However, if you are unsure, you can just stick to the rule of the thumb-after three to four weeks, you should change your routine.

4. Will I Lose Weight If I Exercise But Eat The Same?

Losing weight is never simple. You really have to commit to the lifestyle if you want to achieve your body goals. You might still get some results, but it won't be optimal. You might have to do your workout routine for far longer.

However, it's still possible. All you have to understand is the concept of a calorie deficiency. You only lose weight when you are burning more calories than you are taking in. Depending on your body type and typical activeness, you might burn around 1800 calories every day. You can check this calculator to get a more accurate result.

One way to deficit your calorie is by dieting. This means you eat less than your body burns every day. However, it's not advisable to do so in the long run since you'll need sustenance.

Most experts would recommend exercising instead. When you try to burn more calories than you are taking in, you will still achieve a daily calorie deficit.

However, it's been proven that combining the two, exercising and having a diet, is the best way to go. By partnering work out with your diet, you don't need to take dangerously low levels of calories for a deficit.

So, while you may still lose weight if you exercise but eat the same, you will not be able to lose as much compared to someone who does both.


You have to understand that working out is different for everyone. Your current body weight, target weight, workout routine, diet plan, and other factors all contribute to how much you'll lose weight doing the same workout routine.

By having your personal coach, they can predict and avoid the weight loss plateau. They can also guide you with the proper exercises that you should do to hit your goals.

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