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Best Date Ideas for Long Distance Relationships

Aug 08,2021

Relationships are built on a trust foundation, no matter the kind of relationship it is. Circumstances in life may force you or your loved one to move to a different city, either for a job or schooling. When this happens, you need to find ways that will keep your relationship alive.

For sure, you will keep the lines of communications open, talk every other day, and check on each other, but once in a while, you need to find time out of your busy schedule and have a date. It doesn't have to be something complicated. It can be the simplest thing and still be sweet. All that matters is the effort you put into the activity to enjoy each other's company.

These are some of the best date ideas for long-distance relationships.

Take a Bath Together

For a long-distance relationship to last, you and your partner need to find ways to spend time together whenever you can. For instance, you can plan for a fun evening, either having a virtual dinner or binge-watching. Later on, you can both soak in the bathtub and have an intimate evening.

It is a great way to bond and talk to your partner without the distractions from outside. It is one of the best date ideas for long-distance relationships. You can make this more romantic by adding scented candles, bubbles, romantic music, and maybe, some wine.

Have a conversation about how things are going in your separate lives, and profess your undying love for each other.

Have a Virtual Dinner Date

This is one of the best date ideas for long distance relationships. They say you find time for the important things in life. Despite being in two different places, you can still create time to spend together through the internet. You can both develop a routine where you have dinner together through zoom or face time once a week.

It is a matter of dressing up nice and having food at the same time as your partner on the other side of the screen. You can eat and engage in conversation like on an actual date but through the internet. It is not the same as the real thing where you get to hold hands or share a kiss, but you get to spend time with them, regardless and show them they mean the world to you.

Binge-Watch Together

Thanks to the advancement in technology, you and your partner can watch a movie together while being miles apart. You can schedule a date and time for this romantic evening together. All you need is to both download the Netflix Party app and have a strong internet connection, then you both will be in for a night full of fun.

You watch all your favorite movies, make jokes, and see each other's faces when that memorable part of the movie plays. Thanks to this app, when one person pauses, the others pause as well. It is very convenient, and no one has to miss a part of the movie because they went to the washroom or had to receive their food order at the door.

Plan a Future Trip

This is one of the best date ideas for long distance relationships. Nothing keeps you going and in a good mood than knowing the great things you have planned for the future. You and your partner may not be together physically at the moment, but that situation will not last forever.

Soon you will meet up and do all the things you talked about and planned to do. During your time apart, talking about each other's day is good, but sometimes, you may run out of things to discuss. Plan a trip together or a vacation.

Get into details of the places you want to visit and all the places you want to see when you get there. It will be more of a "honeymoon" for both of you. You will have fewer things to worry about and spend time together while creating new and beautiful memories.

Game Night!

You may be busy with school or building your career, but when you love someone, you find time to spend with them and show them that you value them. This sacrifice needs to be made even more so that you are far apart and don't get to see each other often. You and your partner should make plans for a game night and have a friendly competition.

There are plenty of games you can play online through an app or a website. You can both have headphones on and talk as you play. It is good because your partner gets to hear the excitement in your voice as you play. Games are a great way to relieve the tension of a busy and crazy week you had.

You will be calmer afterward because you spent the evening with your favorite person, and for a while, you forgot about your stressful life.

Start a Countdown for Your Reunions

Being far from the one you love puts a dent in your mood. The best way to get over it that is by starting a countdown for your reunion. You can both have a virtual calendar where you can mark the day you will meet, and go ahead and have fun and find hope in crossing off the days till the day you meet.

You may also download a countdown app for free and set the timer on your phone. It will act as a sweet reminder that the long wait is nearing its end, and you can finally be together. Have physical contact, hug and share kisses.

You can make plans and travel to give them the best surprise of their life. Don't tell them about your visit. Show up and take them to dinner or make a home-cooked meal that they love. It is the thought that counts and they will appreciate it more than you know.

In conclusion, certain situations in life present themselves and put your relationship to the test. If your partner has to move to a new place and you can't come with them, you need to find the best date ideas for long-distance relationships and use them to keep your love alive. Everyone wants what's best for their partner, and their personal and career goals are important for growth.

It is best for both of you to make peace with this situation, focus on your goals and a future when you are together.

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