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Work Party Outfit Idea's To Leave Them Talking

Aug 06,2021

Whether it is an award ceremony, a retirement party or an annual office holiday party, the thought that goes into selecting the perfect outfit to impress coworkers can be tricky and anxiety-producing. Consideration into the appropriateness of your outfit ideas for the occasion versus your authentic style can easily lead to a dueling style battle leaving you to wander, "What to wear to a work party?"

However, deciding what to wear to an office party need not create anxiety or an internal battle. Some tips on what to wear to an office party are:

An office party or function is an event where all company members, corporations, teams, staff, or offices get invited to attend. It can be anything from a casual event for team building to a formal gala with limousines and red carpet. How you dress depends on the style of party you are going to and how much talking you intend for your coworkers to do after the party.

What should I wear to a work function?

Work functions during the workday where you will return to your desk or that occur immediately after work requires your work party outfit to be what you wore to work. However, if you want to spruce up your outfit some, consider adding a piece of statement jewelry, a blazer or sports jacket, higher heels than usual, wear a fancier hairstyle that day, or refreshing your makeup to take your look up a notch.

Office-hour work functions like retirement luncheons are also a good time to add more pizzazz or color to your style for a day, add a bolder patterned dress, wear more oversized earrings, or add an item of clothing that is more figure-hugging. If you usually wear jeans to work, consider adding a top with flair like ruffles down the sleeves, a peplum hemline, or one that has oversized bell sleeves.

What should I wear to a 2021 holiday party?

Many companies celebrate their end-of-year success with a holiday party. Those usually happen between Thanksgiving and early into the New Year and are in the evening. Holiday parties are festive and a great time to dress to impress.

Depending on the venue, for men, either a business suit or tuxedo are perfect attire. Or, they can opt for pulling out the tartan blazer that only gets to see the outside of the closet during the holidays.

However, women have more decisions to make regarding an outfit.

A pantsuit is always a great option for holiday parties. However, instead of a regular work blouse or a turtleneck top, a holiday party is the perfect time to add glam to your pantsuit. Wearing something like a lace bodysuit under or bold statement jewelry will surely leave your coworkers talking about your classiness.

Sparkle and shine are great for evening holiday parties and are sure to get water cooler chatter for weeks after the party. Sequins and glitter in any color can get worn as a dress, blazer, skirt, pants, or even a purse and are fantastic holiday pieces. The best thing about sequin pieces is that they are timeless and can be mixed and matched season after season.

Some tips for wearing sequins and sparkles are:

  • Leave the jewelry at home - you won't need it.
  • Keep your makeup subtle.
  • Keep your shoes neutral.

The little black dress for a holiday party works perfectly too. However, keep in mind that your coworkers and bosses are at the party too; therefore, your clothing shouldn't be too little or skimpy.

Many designers have fitted sheath dresses and flowy wrap-style dresses that are perfect for a holiday office party. While your style may dictate a minimalist or more simplistic approach for dressing, try to step it up for an evening or formal office party and wear something more stylish than you'd wear to the office.

Suppose your office has a Christmas party during the workday and your work style is ordinarily neutral. In that case, turn heads by wearing your sexy red pumps with that black suit or adding a splash of color that, on a regular day, you'd shy away from wearing. You can also break the rules and wear your makeup a bit heavier for the office Christmas party.

What do I wear to a casual work function?

Your work party outfit for casual work functions boils down to the venue picked to have the function. If they have planned a company function at a beach resort with a pool, you should automatically know that not only is it casual, it is going to be a fun time, and you do not need to dress like you are going into the office.

For guys, shorts or khaki style pants, a polo-style shirt or button-down, and sneakers or Dockers are suitable. Classic white pants with a tank top, sundresses, skorts, Capri's, shorts, crop tops, tank tops, sandals, or flip flops are perfect for women. For all, bring a tote bag with beach towels and swimwear, be ready for a good time, and don't forget the sunscreen.

Casual work functions during cold weather or in a country club-style setting require more planning than a beach resort, especially for ladies. Here a simple skirt and blouse, topped with a cardigan, is suitable. Or, a dress or slacks and a blazer.

Your office party or work function is the time to step out of the box. However, selecting an outfit to impress coworkers can be tricky but does not produce anxiety or a battle. Selecting the right pieces will leave your coworkers talking about your impeccable idea's and style long after the party.

Work Party Outfit Idea's for Style, Class and Fun.

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