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Advice for New Relationships

Aug 05,2021

The dating game can be a very interesting one. While many people have their fair share of horror stories, there are many more who have fairytale stories that led to beautiful, life-long and loving partnerships. If you're in a new relationship, you might not be sure how to conduct yourself or move forward without feeling nervous. This feeling is totally natural. However, you don't want to become riddled with fear of failure. Instead, consider some of the following dating tips for new relationships.

How to Conduct Yourself in a New Relationship

When you’re in a new relationship, one of the most important things to do is actually one of the most natural dating tips for new relationships. You need to be yourself. In most cases, people really want to be liked by the person they’re dating. It only makes sense. Consequently, they bring their representative into the relationship. While it’s totally okay to be on your best behavior, it’s also best to be your true self. Oftentimes, it can be really devastating to realize that the person you’re in a relationship with has been wearing a mask the entire time. This can lead to a lot of self-doubt, trauma and pain. While filters are commonplace on apps like Instagram and Snapchat, don’t wear an emotional filter over who you actually are in a relationship. Show up as the truest version of yourself. Does this mean that you need to share your entire life story on the first few dates? No. However, you don’t need to lie or create a version of yourself that doesn’t exist. The truth will come out anyway. It’s a lot harder to keep up a facade. Besides, you want the person to love you for who you truly are.

As you engage in a new relationship, it’s really easy to let all of your guards down and throw caution to the wind. This is one of the easiest ways to get trampled over. As you look for advice for new relationships, look to create boundaries for what you will tolerate, allow and more. While it’s helpful to know your boundaries before you enter a relationship, it’s okay to learn as you go. If you know that you’re uncomfortable in a specific situation, it’s okay to say no. Be firm about what’s okay with you and what’s not. If you find that your partner is constantly testing your boundaries, consider this a red flag because it’s a clear sign of disrespect.

What Should I Ask in a New Relationship?

When you’re in a new relationship, one of the main pieces of advice for new relationships involves the topic of disclosure. You can’t expect someone to want to peel off all of the layers of an onion within the first few weeks. It takes time to get to know a person, be vulnerable and feel comfortable. However, it’s pretty much up to the person to let you know the questions they’re not willing or comfortable answering just yet. Just as much as you need a safe space to be vulnerable and comfortable, your partner needs the same courtesy. What you can do is tell them that you’re interested in learning more about a specific area of their life. Ask them if it’s okay to learn more about that area. If they say no, you have to respect that. At the same time, you can also ask them when they’d be willing to open up and have that conversation. If they say they never want to talk about certain topics, you’ll have to make a judgment regarding whether you feel comfortable with continuing the relationship. Just remember that everything is new. You shouldn't expect someone to dish out too much sooner than they're ready to.

What Should You Not Do in a New Relationship?

When you’re in a new relationship, one of the worst things you can do is compare your new partner to an old partner. You don’t want to create a version of this person in your mind. Give them a chance to be a great partner to you. You can state your boundaries, communicate your desires and be a great partner to your new love interest. However, you can’t penalize or create unrealistic expectations for the new person in your life. If you’re bringing past hurts or pain to the relationship, it might be wise to sort through those feelings, get therapy and work through your trauma because you don’t want to put those issues on another person.

Avoid the temptation to stalk old partners online or compare yourself. Your partner chose to be with you. Don't invite anyone else into the relationship because comparison is the thief of joy.

What is the Best Relationship Advice?

Open and honest communication is paramount to the health and success of any relationship. This is the best dating advice because many people often suffer silently because they subconsciously expect their partner to read their mind. There's really no room for assumption in a new relationship. Instead of drawing a conclusion on your own, ask your partner to be clear. Ask them what they meant when they said something if you don't understand. Don't be afraid to look like a fool for asking a question. Open and honest communication goes both ways. The best dating advice is to be honest with your answers. Don't try to sugarcoat or dance around an issue. If you two want to grow and thrive together, there's no room for lies or omission. When your partner knows that they can trust you to be honest with them, it can create the best foundation for an amazing relationship.

New relationships can be filled with giddy, child-like excitement, butterflies and puppy love. Enjoy this season in the relationship. Don't be afraid to flirt and have fun. As you keep these tips in the forefront of your mind, it's okay to relax and have a great time. There's nothing quite like a budding friendship that can morph into a passionate romance. When you're able to experience those feelings on a mutual level, soak them in.

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