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Fashionable Apparel Ideas for College Boys

Jul 07,2021

Playing dress-up is not a girly sport only. Boys definitely love to revamp their looks, too, contrary to the popular belief that boys can live their entire lives in one outfit. This is why this write-up features the best dressing style for college guys for them to ace their student life in style.

College life starts in your teenage years, and so does the hassle of doing better and be better every day. Amidst the loud alarms, confusing timetables, and wreaking havoc in the room to search for the books, a sound and maintained wardrobe goes a long way. You wouldn’t want to compromise on style, no matter how late you are being for college.

As minimal as men’s fashion is thought of, it can actually be leveled up as cool yet comfy in several ways. Picking the correct elements of your outfit can make you look like an absolute head turner as you make your way through the hallways to your class.

In this write-up, we feature some outfit inspiration ideas that serve as the best college outfit for guys. Moreover, they are not out of budget, specific for a certain event, or associated with any particular celebrations.

Why is college men’s fashion important to ponder over?

Fashion in its entirety is something essential to think about. This is because fashion boosts your morale and uplifts your confidence like nothing else. Girls and boys alike are hopping around when someone compliments their outfits. What you wear literally is literally how you feel the rest of the day.

Outfits are a whole vibe. Colors, patterns, accessories all collectively add to your aura for the day. While monotonous and plain outfits often depict someone as straightforward or love minding his own business, patterns and bright colors can make the wearer look fun and approachable.

Men’s fashion, however, is often neglected as there is a misconception that boys can live off one outfit for life. In actuality, stylish clothes for college guys are a necessity and shouldn’t be undermined. So let’s dive into the discussion of checks, plaids, and patterns to find out the best men’s college outfits.

1. Checks and plaids for the win:

The most popular and classiest pattern of all is the checks and plaids on tops and bottoms. You can never go wrong with plaid pants and a formal shirt with joggers to slay any casual day at college. Pair up the same duo with some formal shoes to create the perfect college party outfit for guys.

But wait, is your party about to be more informal and casual? Or perhaps you have a bonfire! Or maybe it’s a hot summer day, and you want to keep things casual. So pair up a checked shirt with baggy pants and open sandals, swing your bag over your shoulder, and you are ready to go, looking casual and relaxed yet chic.

Plaid pants are literally the article of men’s college fashion 2020. Pairing them up with a tucked-in office shirt gives you a classy subtle look, formal enough for parties. Flip the shirt out, and you are good to slay a day college comfortably.

2. Wrap wrist watch right:

Even though a tricky tongue twister, in our personal opinion, one of the sexiest accessories that boys can adorn is a good wristwatch. It radiates a very manly vibe. Wearing a wristwatch of the right color and contrast can make you stand out nicely. It also happens to be the first accessory noticed on most men.

Wrap those black bands or metallic chains around your wrist with big dials so that every time you extend your hand for a handshake or to ruffle through your hair, the watch stands out. Trust me, nothing makes your time better than a classy wristwatch, but showing time is such a cell phone thing now.

Beaded or thread bracelets also look equally elegant. However, most boys are often seen wearing a bunch of bracelets on one wrist, which just looks over the edge. So instead, go with one beaded and one thread bracelet at most, one wrist, and an outfit contrasting wristwatch on the other wrist to perfectly complement your overall attire.

3. Bomber jackets college style:

Nothing that a jacket cannot make look right. We believe that fashion for college guys would be absolutely incomplete without the various styles of jackets. And jackets are not necessarily supposed to be restricted to winters. Of course, you can always adorn a sleeveless jacket over a white tee, complete with pants, the color of the jacket, and contrasting shoes. Outfit looks cannot get more casual than that.

Bomber jackets, however, spice things up; they are the heavy outfit elements often adorned in winter. If bought in nude colors, they are perfect for adorning at any formal occasion other than the regular college days as well. However, if the colors are popping, then you be rocking all your days with utmost confidence.

Clothing it off – pun intended!

We will be closing this article by stating that men's wear is essential to be revamped as women's outfit. While keeping it simple is a great option, all kinds of patterns on tops and plaids and checks on bottoms can be paired up to look elegant on men.

Moreover, college life comes in one's teens and brings with it all sorts of excitement for events, hangouts, parties, and much more. So it only fits that college boy's fashion is highlighted more and outfit inspiration ideas are put together.

There is never a day to look boring or to dull your aura with plain tees and bottoms. Whenever you shop, think about how you pair various designs and patterns up to adorn something unique. Do not forget to pair the right shoes, sandals, or joggers, and swing a cool college bag over your shoulder, for a virile look every day.

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