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How Can Guys Dress Their Best On The First Date?

Jul 05,2021

Are you worried that you will mess up your first date with the wrong outfit? Well, worry not; we are here to help. First dates can be nerve-wracking. From worrying about what you will say to decide where to meet, it's no walk in the park. On top of everything, you have to pick your outfit too.

We understand that you are confused about what's appropriate to wear. After all, planning outfits is not a small thing. They help set your image. If you choose the wrong one, then forget any chances of getting a second date.

To deal with this frustration, you will find yourself googling what to wear on a first date for guys. Lucky for you, this is where we can help. This article provides you with the best outfits you can wear on your first date. We also have some additional tips for you to make it successful. So, keep reading.

Factors Influencing Your Choices

Your choice of clothing depends on a number of factors. The first thing to consider is location. Whether you are going to a restaurant or meeting up at the library, you must dress according to the setting. You don't want to show up in a suit and tie at the park.

Secondly, you need to take the weather into account since you will need to layer accordingly. The time of your date also matters. At night go for a more formal look. You can also try to coordinate with your date. Find out what she’s wearing and pick accordingly.

What To Wear?

Now let’s move on to answering your most burning question of what to wear on a first date for guys.

For Casual Dates

Casual dates usually involve meeting up at a cafe or park or even the arcade. Now just because the setting is laid-back doesn't mean you show up in your sweatpants. There is a dress code, and you need to follow it. We have listed a few ideas below for your help.

A very safe option is to go for the Oxford Cloth Button Down shirt. It's a perfect choice, and you can never go wrong with it. The button-down shirt gives you a serious yet easy-going look. A second option to consider is polo shirts. In minimal dark colors like black and navy, polo shirts make the perfect date outfits.

Now we are on the fence about t-shirts. T-shirts are a simple choice, and it might look like you haven't put much thought into planning your outfit. However, if you still want to wear one, you should layer it with either a button-down shirt or a jacket depending on the weather. If you go with the button shirt, leave it open. For a stylish option, wear a V-neck line.

For Formal Dates

Now that we have covered with casual meetups, what should you wear on your more formal dates? You can again go for the button-down shirt mentioned earlier, but if you want more options, keep reading. The obvious choice is to go for a blazer. It’s ideal for a restaurant setting and gives you a more professional look.

A smart and casual sports coat can do wonders for your appearance. However, if you're not comfortable in a blazer, you can wear a sweater over your shirt, only if the weather is not warm. For formal dates, ditch your jeans and switch to dress pants. Dress pants do an excellent job of flattering your appearance.

A side tip to look your best is always to wear clothes that fit you well. Loose or tight clothes don't do a fair job of complimenting your appearance.


Shoes bring your entire outfit together. That means you can't show up in flip-flops or crocs. Instead, wear a nice pair of sneakers with your casual outfits. You should wear a neutral color like white or black. For formal dates, switch to sharper shoes like Chelsea boots or any laced boots. Remember to polish them before you go!


When it comes to accessories, always wear a watch. Not only is it a fashionable choice, but it also makes you look punctual. Additionally, if you're tucking in your shirt, wear a belt. Try to match the belt's color with the rest of the outfit.

We won't recommend wearing jewelry on your first date since it can be a bit distracting. However, you can wear sunglasses during daytime dates. Additionally, don't wear ties. You're meeting a date, not your boss.

What To Avoid?

You should also be aware of what to avoid to avoid a disaster date. Hoodies are a big no. It might be a considerable choice to wear when hanging out with your best friend but not on a date. Moreover, avoid graphic t-shirts unless you are going to comic con. Also, don't wear any baggy jeans.

Additional Tips For A Good Date

In addition to your outfit, there are a few other things to consider on your first date. Though wearing nice clothing is important, you should never forget hygiene. Your date will not be impressed if you show up wearing a nice jacket but have uncombed hair.

So shower before you go out. Shave if you have to. Also, wear a lovely perfume. Second, be confident. If you show up with a smile on your face and present yourself well, it goes a long way in setting a good impression. Be interested in conversation and ask questions.

Also, a word of advice is you shouldn't check your phone every five seconds.

There’s no denying the fact that your date will judge you based on your clothes first. Hence, dressing well becomes important. Luckily, after reading this article, you can better answer what to wear on a first date for guys.

You can choose an outfit according to your preferences and impress your date at the same time. Now, hopefully, you are less anxious about your date. With that, remember to have fun and do let us know what you decided to wear.

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