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What to wear on a first date at home?

Jul 02,2021

Meeting new people and socializing gets the most stressful when you have a date. While very few things can go wrong when casually hanging out, a date can make you go bonkers over every single thing about your meeting and give you multiple anxieties.

Moreover, dates make you feel insecure as if you are about to meet a prince on the horse who has just descended from the heavens and will be the epitome of perfection. Of course, the insecurities get to the best of both genders. However, women often feel more conscious of their physique, the dress they will adorn, the kind of makeup they would do, the hairstyle they would wear.

We understand all of these concerns well, and in this write-up, we would be giving you a few ideas and tricks of the sleeve that you can keep in mind next time you dress up for a date.

Where are you headed on a date?

How you dress up largely depends upon where you are going out on your first date. You dress up if it’s a fancy restaurant or resort but dress down and casual if the hangout spot is a café or one of your homes.

While the idea behind a date at someone’s house sounds very homey; pun intended, it also questions your ability to strike the perfect balance of casual and semi-formal with your outfit. For a date at someone’s home, you would want to make your host think that you feel comfortable without making yourself feel completely at home as it’s the first interaction. Therefore, some formality would be an absolute necessity.

Let’s dive into helping you achieve the best middle ground with your outfits so that your date wants to ask you out again and again.

What to wear and what to avoid on a date at home?

As a matter of fact, the first thing often noticed about a person is their shoes. As unbelievable as it may sound, your footwear is most often what gets you seen by people and make them turn heads onto your outfit and finally you. Hence, it only makes sense to start from what shoes are the best fit for a home date.

While a cute pair of heels would always make you stand out with your head high, they are a big no when it comes to house dates. No one would want the banging or clickety-click of heels going in their house when they are only trying to show them around. On the contrary, wearing sneakers is also not the best idea as they come off as a bit too casual for a date.

The best middle ground, therefore, comes out to be flat or wedged sandals. A good sandal not only makes your attire unique, but your feet feel comfortable even if you have to move around a lot. In addition, they perfectly come off as semi-formal and are the win-win idea for a date at the house.

Let’s discuss accessorizing. Accessories are often noticed by those who have a keen sense of attention to detail, and this is a positive trait. Having said that, it’s not advised to go heavy on accessorizing with your wrists, fingers, ears, and neck all laden with some form of jewelry. That comes off as a hasty and indecisive attempt at dressing, and a lot of jewelry is not very homey.

Preferably opt for wearing a good watch on one wrist and a single, sophisticated bracelet on the other. A ring or two would look great. Consider wearing studs in-ear rather than hanging earrings. Complete accessorizing with a good decent clutch or bag, and you are good to go.

When you open your makeup bag and get lost in the abyss of what lipstick shade to wear and how much blush to color your cheeks, just remember to keep it natural and subtle like you would want someone coming to your house to look like. Opt for nude and neutral shades of lipstick and put the blush only as one sweep of color to look like the natural beauty that you very much are.

But wait, what about the main outfit? Should you wear a dress or jeans and a casual shirt? Or maybe dress up in a gown to impress the king? Let’s discuss it ahead of.

Should I wear a dress or jeans on a first date?

Both of these are very tricky options to adorn well. This is because both of them can be adorned casually or formally. Let’s just say that choosing between wearing a dress or jeans varies from person to person depending upon their idea of comfort. However, we can give you an insight on how to tone both these outfits accordingly.

If you choose to wear a dress, opt for one that is less revealing. It’s not that we are against revealing dresses. Girls can wear whatever they like; however, it does not come off as a suitable choice for dates at home. So decrease the neckline and increase the hem of your dress to make it look decent and subtle.

Opt for monotonous dresses. Classic black body con is your best option for a house party as well as your first date at home. Pair it up with gold studs or little hoops, a golden watch and a bracelet, contrasting clutch and sandals, and you are ready to nail evening and impress your host out of his wits.

However, if you opt for a pair of jeans, pick out a body-fitted one and pair it with a cute tank top. Baggy jeans come off as too casual and comfortable and might not make the cut. Hence, pair up body-fitted, low waist jeans with a cute tank top and accessorize accordingly to make this pairing an absolute outfit of the day for yourself.

So, these were some ideas on how women can rock their first date at home while keeping their cool and staying comfortable. We understand that dressing up on dates can get very hectic, and that’s why we hope to make things easier for all our queens out there.

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