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Business Casual Style Guide
Although it might seem easy to pull off, the business casual style is very complex and required a deep understanding if you want to always be fit for the environment.
5 Tips for College Girl Dressing Styles
What can Females Wear On Graduation Day?
5 Classic Makeup Foundation Hacks That Work Every Time!
Jul 05,2021
Whether you are out for a friendly brunch or a night out, it is a must to know how to ace the flawless foundation every time. Become a makeup whiz by reading our foundation hacks!
How Can Guys Dress Their Best On The First Date?
Jul 05,2021
Learn what to wear on a first date for guys and find out what shoes and accessories would be a win game. Also find out what to avoid on a first date.
What to Wear On an Outdoor First Date?
Jul 04,2021
Are you going out on a first date and are confused about what to wear to create the best first impression? Read on as we help you decide what to wear on an outdoor first date.
Top 5 Trendy And Ethical Clothing Brands For College Students
Jul 04,2021
Discover the incredible, pocket-friendly clothing brands for college students to fill your closet to the brim with super cool outfits and enjoy the luxurious look.
Simple Everyday Makeup Look That Will Make Heads Turn!
Jul 02,2021
Make-up can be hella time-consuming. Thankfully, we’ve got top-notch easy everyday makeup tricks in store for you. Read on to know them!

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